All About Space

Take a closer look at the photo above.  It demonstrates an excellent and counter intuitive principle of interior design — tight areas can seem more open when space is left between the walls and the furniture.

Notice the table to the left.  The corner is turned towards the wall leaving room for all four chairs.  Notice too the comfy chair to the right.  It is not pushed flush against the wall, but turned on an angle facing the table with chairs.

The room is very tight, but paradoxically seems less crowded because the furniture is not flat against the walls.  So, if you have a small room that you would like to seem bigger, make sure the furniture is not flush against the walls.  Let the room breath by giving the walls some breathing space.

Here are a few more techniques for making a small room seem larger:

1. Continue the style of the flooring into the next room.

In the room to the right, the hardwood floor continues on into the next room, naturally drawing your eye past the rather oddly placed ladder into the dining room.  If the dining room floor was different from the living room floor, your eye would not be drawn as naturally to the next room and the effect of opening up the space would have been lost.

Creating continuity of color scheme, ceiling and particularly flooring between rooms with open doorways helps to create the illusion of space in a small room. (Still don’t understand the ladder though.)

2. Open windows create the illusion of space

Enough said?

Avoid heavy curtains and window coverings in a small room.  Let your eye be drawn to the space outside the window.

3. Pictures can serve as quasi-windows

Pictures draw your eye in a similar way as windows.
They create an added dimension to the room and with it an illusion of space.   Framed pictures are often best on a wall with no windows, giving light and color and texture to what could easily be a dreary and  feature-less surface.

Pictures, paintings and photos are particularly important in rooms with no windows at all.  Imagine how boxy and closed in this space would seem without the painting on the right:

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